BNA is a French sectoralStandardization Office operating within the French Standardization System (SFN) in the fields of road vehicles, cycles and ambulances . It acts within the framework of the approval of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. It acts on behalf of AFNOR delegation.

BNA was created in 1927.

Scope and missions

The purpose of the Bureau de Normalisation de l'Automobile (BNA, automotive standardization office) is :
  • to identify the standardization needs expressed by the stakeholders in road vehicles, emergency systems and motorised or non-motorised two-wheelers,
  • to establish the annual standardization program in this area,
  • to manage national committees in the field of road vehicles, rescue systems and motorized or non-motorized two-wheelers, in order to:
    • develop French positions at CEN and ISO,
    • appoint French experts to CEN and ISO,
    • draft the standards.
  • manage and organize training for experts.
and within the framework of the AFNOR delegation defined in the agreement signed on June 26, 2010:
  • to represent the French Member Committee (AFNOR) in the following areas:
    • ISO/TC 22 "Road Vehicles" and ISO/TC 149 "Cycles",
    • CEN/TC 239 "Emergency vehicles", CEN/TC 301 "Road vehicles" and CEN/TC 333 "Cycles".
  • to ensure the management of standards deliverables (French and international) and associated standardization structures, including the secretariats of TC/SC/WG in CEN and ISO.