International activities ISO, European CEN, and French (FR)

General presentation

Standardisation takes place at national, European and international levels. These 3 levels are closely linked at the organisational level, in order to make the whole system more efficient.

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Road vehicles

  • Presentation of ISO/TC 22 & CEN/TC 301

In the automotive sector, most of the standards are from international (ISO) or European origin (EN standards). In this context, the role of the BNA is to involve stakeholders in France in order to develop a national common position on each project of standard.

ISO/TC 22 develops standards for all components and systems for Road Vehicles. This applies to light vehicles (mopeds and motorcycles), passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, on all types of engines (thermal, electric, gaseous fuel).

Reorganized in 2015, ISO/TC 22 consists of 11 subcommittees (SC), 72 working groups (WG). By the end of 2020, ISO/TC 22 published nearly 950 standards. France has managed ISO/TC 22 since its creation in 1947, with the BNA providing the secretariat. The chair is held by Marc CORONA.

Another Technical Committee ISO/TC 204 covers the standardization in the field of Intelligent transport services (ITS). One of its working groups is directly related to the automotive industry: WG 14 on Advanced driver-assistance systems.

CEN/TC 301 was established in 1992 to develop standards for electric vehicles. Its scope has been extended, and is now the European mirror committee of ISO/TC 22 (same scope). Currently, it mainly responds to the European Commission's requests for standardisation. For example, it has recently adopted standards accompanying directives on alternative fuels, interoperability of electric vehicle charging, tachographs, tyre pressure information systems (TPMS), maintenance and repair information (RMI). The secretariat is provided by the BNA, and chaired by Bernard LE BRIS.

  • List of national committees and coordination group (chair):
  • BNA-CN-2 "Designations and Definitions of Dimensions and Weights" (vacant)
  • BNA-CN-3 "Reparability" (François CROC)
  • BNA-CN-4 "Accessibility of vehicles to physically handicapped persons" (Xavier BARILAHY)
  • BNA-CN-5 "Exterior fittings" (Guy OTT)
  • BNA-CN-6 "Garage tools" (vacant)
  • BNA-CN-7 "Tips and industrial bodies" (Philippe CAVALLARI)
  • BNA-CN-8 "Tyre pressure control" (Guy OTT)
  • BNA-CN-9 "Acoustics and vibration - Measurement of dynamic forces" (Xavier CARNIEL)
  • BNA-CN-10 "Acoustic for road Vehicles"  (Louis-Ferdinand PARDO)
  • BNA-CN-22 "Road vehicles - International" (Pierre-Adam GILARDOT)
  • BNA-CN-301 "Road vehicles - Europe" (Bernard LE BRIS)
  • BNA-CN-31 "Data Communication" (Tony MALATERRE)
  • BNA-CN-32 "Electrical and Electronic Components and General System Aspect" (François SEPREY)
  • BNA-CN-33 "Vehicle dynamics and chassis components" (vacant)
  • BNA-CN-34 "Propulsion, powertrain and associated fluids "(Nicolas PETILLON)
  • BNA-CN-35 "Lighting and visibility " (Éric BLUSSEAU)
  • BNA-CN-36 "Safety and Collision Testing" (Xavier TROSSEILLE)
  • BNA-CN-37 "Electrically propelled vehicles" (Fatima ADDA)
  • BNA-CN-38 "Motorcycles and mopeds" (Dominic BAUCHE)
  • BNA-CN-39 "Ergonomics" (Marie-Pierre BRUYAS)
  • BNA-CN-40 "Specific aspects of commercial vehicles, buses and trailers" (Thierry PREUD'HOMME)
  • BNA-CN-41 "Specific aspects of gaseous fuels" (José CARDENAS)
  • BNA-CN-212 "Pyrotechnic articles for road vehicles "(Frédéric BURLOT)
  • GCVR "Road vehicles" (Pierre-Adam GILARDOT)


  • Presentation ISO/TC 149 & CEN/TC 333
In the field of cycles, the subjects are mainly initiated at European level  (CEN/TC 333 "Cycles")  and enlarged at international, by ISO/TC 149/SC 1 "Cycles and main sub-assemblies"), in the frame of the Vienna Agreement between ISO and CEN.
  • National committees and coordination group (Chair) :
  • BNA-CN-149 "Cycles - Lighting and signalling" (Dominique DEGAS)
  • BNA-CN-333 "Cycles subassemblies and components " (Gilles LAGANTE)
  • GC 333 "Cycles" (Gilles LAGANTE)

Emergency systems

  • Presentation CEN/TC 239
Standards developed are mainly dealing with emergency medical vehicles and their equipment, as well as for first aid equipment, to provide safe and comfortable transportation and preclinical treatment for patients. Standards are mainly of European origin (EN standards developed at CEN/TC239).
  • National committees and coordination group (Chair):
  • BNA-CN 239 "Ambulances and rescue system" (Fabien COLLET)
  • GC 239 Emergency systems" (Yves LAMBERT )

French Leaderships

French secretariats and chairmanships / convenorships

  Title Chairmanship / Convenorship Secretary
ISO/TC 22 Road vehicle Fabien DUBOC Valérie MAUPIN
ISO/TC 22/SC 31 Data communication Alternating chairmanship FR-DE: Nicolas MORAND (2019-2021) alternating with a German Chair Eric WERN (DE)
ISO/TC 22/SC 31/WG 5 Test equipment / Data exchange Formats Tony MALATERRE Marie-Joëlle ANTOINE-LAFOSSE
ISO/TC 22/SC 31/WG 6 Extended vehicle (ExVe) / Remote diagnostics Jean-François HUÈRE Valérie MAUPIN
ISO/TC 22/SC 32/WG 3 Electromagnetic compatibility Ariel LECCA Marie-Joëlle ANTOINE-LAFOSSE
ISO/TC 22/SC 34/WG 17 Cleanliness of components Markus ROCHOWICZ (DE) Clément CHEVAUCHÉ
ISO/TC 22/SC 35/WG 1 Lighting and visibility Éric BLUSSEAU Clément CHEVAUCHÉ
ISO/TC 22/SC 36 Safety and impact testing Annette IRWIN (US) Dyhia SIALI
ISO/TC 22/SC 36/WG 1 Car collision test procedures Frantz JOURDA Dyhia SIALI
ISO/TC 22/SC 36/WG 3 Instrumentation Claudia PICON Dyhia SIALI
ISO/TC 22/SC 36/WG 6 Performance criteria expressed in biomechanical terms Xavier TROSSEILLE Dyhia SIALI
ISO/TC 149/SC 1 Cycles and major sub-assemblies Philippe LEGRAND Takayoshi KANDA (JP)
ISO/TC 149/SC 1/WG 16 Luggage carriers Gilles LAGANTE Takayoshi KANDA (JP)
CEN/TC 301 Road vehicle Bernard LE BRIS Clément CHEVAUCHÉ
CEN/TC 301/WG 7 Supplementary grip devices Philippe SOUYRI Clément CHEVAUCHÉ
CEN/TC 301/WG 11 Safety of rollers brake testers Vacant Clément CHEVAUCHÉ
CEN/TC 301/WG 16 Performance assessment of portable emission measuring systems (PEMS) Alexander BERGMANN (AT) Clément CHEVAUCHÉ
CEN/TC 333/WG 5 Electric power assisted cycles (EPAC) Gilles LAGANTE Clément CHEVAUCHÉ
CEN/TC 333/WG 7 BMX bicycles Gilles LAGANTE
CEN/TC 212/WG 4 Pyrotechnic articles for vehicles Frédéric BURLOT Dyhia SIALI